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Natural-Crops, is a Bolivian company, pioneer in the planting, production and marketing of chia. We have our own and associated producers, with over 10 years experience in the sector. Natural-Crops grows mainly chia seeds  (white and black) organic, conventional and chia pet food grade. Used in different industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food  and feed. We manage our products from the planting, until the place of delivery defined by our customers, thus ensuring the traceability of our products.

We have 50,000 hectares of own and associated producers, making Natural Crops  the largest Company in Bolivia of its sector.
Our production chain has its own equipment’s and facilities, for different processes; planting, harvesting, cleaning, packaging and storage.

We work under the parameters framed in to the ISO 22000, also our products are Organic, Kosher, Halal, certified. We also comply with the requirements and  certificates for exporting to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea and Australia. We comply with the Novel Food Regulations and also with the Ista, International Seed Testing Association.Our production plant has a production capacity of 5 tones per hour and count with a 6 cold chambers with temperature and moisture controlled, with storage capacity for 4800 tons. 

Also cultivate, process and trade Sesame, tropical quinoa, amaranthand whitebean.

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